Payrolls Unlimited, Inc. offers many services to our clients. Click on any topic below to learn more.

Payrolls Unlimited, Inc. offers dependable and personalized, same-day service. Payrolls that are received by 2:00pm are processed and sent to the client that same evening.

Payroll data can be sent to us in either of the following ways:

  • Call it in to one of the payroll specialists who will record all of the data prior to processing.
  • Fax (either on the input sheet provided or on your own customized input sheets).
  • Email

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Payrolls Unlimited, Inc. utilizes various methods to get your payroll delivered to you in a timely fashion. The choice is yours as to the method which best suits your needs. Please call for pricing.

  • Client Pickup
  • US Mail (by weight & location)
  • UPS

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Payrolls Unlimited, Inc. provides various reports on both a company and department level. These reports are provided to you along with your payroll.

The reports provided weekly are for the current payroll period, however, at any time you can request reports for a previous time frame. You can also have reports set up on a schedule so that only certain ones are printed on a specific time basis (ie. Monthly or Quarterly).

Payrolls Unlimited, Inc. will also, upon request, create customized reports to meet your payroll needs. If a specific report does not already exist, it will be created for you. Based on the nature of the report and the time involved in creating it, a nominal fee may be incurred.

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Payrolls Unlimited, Inc. provides a full array of tax services to our clients at no additional cost. Tax services can range from handling all payroll tax requirements to providing no service at all. Below is a general list as to how involved our payroll tax services can be. The option is left to the client as how much tax processing is handled by us.

  • Full Service
    All payroll forms (from quarterlies to year end) are prepared and payments are made. Remittance of the tax dollars will be paid to Payrolls Unlimited via a reimbursement check at the time the payroll is processed.
  • Forms/Client Payments
    All payroll forms are prepared and deposit checks are printed. Forms and checks are forwarded to clients for payment to the proper tax authorities.
  • No Service
    All payroll tax forms and payments are left in the responsibility of the client.

Tax return preparation includes the following:

  • Quarterly Preparation and Filing
    - 941 Federal Tax Return
    - State Withholding Returns
    - State Unemployment Returns
    - Local Tax Returns (where applicable)

  • Annual Preparation and Filing
    - W-2's
    - W-3's
    - 1099's
    - 1096's
    - 940 FUTA Return
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Secure Login Access

Payrolls Unlimited, Inc. allows clients to download updated payroll information through a simple username and password interface for internal reports, recordkeeping, etc.

This service is free to all of our clients, however, in order to use the system you must contact us to request the required files and instructions to be set up.

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...and so much more!

Same day payroll service and a friendly, personable staff.  What more could we offer?  Lots!

  • Direct deposit
  • All system maintenance and support done in-house
  • Birthdates, anniversaries and special messages can be stored and printed on checks
  • Owners of multiple locations can have each payroll processed individually, and the reports can be consolidated into one package
  • All reports are laser printed on 3 hole punched 8 ½" x 11"  paper
  • Periodic newsletter and notices added to web site and sent with payroll checks
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